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콩쿨 규정 및 유의사항


- Fill out the application form on the 'APPLICATION' page on the homepage

- Participation fee is deposited with the participant's name + participation section to Woori Bank 1005-403-716914 (Governor Global Art Co., Ltd).

- You can pay with PayPal on the website, but we will inform you that the payment is made in USD (USD).

- Confirmation email is sent after confirming the application form and participation fee

- If the participation fee is not confirmed by the application deadline after filling out the application form, the application will be cancelled.

- If you do not receive a confirmation email within 2 days of depositing the participation fee, please contact KakaoTalk: globalarts21 or 010-4399-6085.

- All songs are performed from memorization, and the repetition specified in the score is left to the discretion of the performer.
- The score is based on the original version.

- When submitting the application, you only need to write the preliminaries and finals songs in the program section and submit only the preliminary song videos.

- Please note that program changes cannot be made after June 1st.

Preliminary video

- No restrictions on location or microphone (cellphone and iPad photography are also possible)
(However, the electronic piano is excluded. In principle, a grand piano is used.)
- The video should be recorded without editing so that the face and hands of the performer are visible throughout the performance.
- If it is unavoidable to play while wearing a mask, sit in front of the piano and show your face,

From wearing the mask to the performance, or taking off the mask immediately after the performance to reveal the face, do not stop filming.
- After uploading the video as 'partially public' on YouTube, attach a link to the application form.
*Only in unavoidable cases where YouTube upload is not possible, you will receive it by email or Dropbox after consulting with the organizer in advance.

- In the case of a suite, it is possible to select all or at the discretion of the performer, not edit

- The video title is written as (Participant Category + Participant Name), e.g.) Hong Gil-dong in elementary school

- After video submission, video substitution and program changes are not allowed

• Preliminary video time and final song information

- Elementary school: 1 free song under 10 minutes (at least 30 seconds)
- Middle and high school (re-training students, home school): 1 song of your choice in less than 15 minutes
- University, General Division: One free song under 15 minutes

* Final song: Elementary school: Free song for less than 10 minutes (it is okay to be the same as in the preliminary round)

Middle and high school (re-students, home school): 1 song of your choice in less than 15 minutes

University, General Division: 1 song of your own choosing (max. 30 minutes)

* In case of sonata - in case of different movements or suites - you can select only the songs you want

Announcement of preliminary results and information on finals

- Preliminary results will be published on the website after 8:00 pm on June 7th 'Refer to the notice on the website'
- The finalists will be held on June 13th at Tone & Tune Music Hall in Seocho-dong .

- The competition time for each division will be announced on the same day as the result of the preliminary round. Please arrive at the competition venue 30 minutes prior to proceeding quickly.

- Individual performance videos will be provided to finalists, and winners will be announced on the website after 8:00 pm on the same day.
- If the judges judge that they have heard enough, the performance may be stopped.
- All judgments are decided with the consent of the judges and cannot be overturned.

Awards and Privileges

- Grand Prize: Opportunity to perform with Russia Bryansk Symphony Orchestra and 1 million won in prize money

- Exemption from qualifying for the Rachmaninoff International Piano Competition

- Grand Prize in each division (unanimous agreement of the judges): Exemption from preliminary rounds for the Rachmaninoff International Piano Competition

* Elementary school - 100,000 won

* Middle and high school - 300,000 won

*University, general department - 300,000 won

- Elementary School (Grades 1, 2) (Grades 3, 4) (Grades 5, 6) / Middle School / High School / University, General: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place

One time free study abroad consultation for differentiated global arts only for listed and awarded winners


- To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the contest will be held privately.

- The finalists will be given individual practice time before the competition.
- Finalists must bring their ID or student ID. (If identity verification is not possible, you cannot participate in the contest)

- If you arrive late for the competition time, you may not be able to use the practice room or you may be disqualified.
- Submitted documents and participation fee are non-refundable

- If no person is eligible for the award, the award will not be awarded.

- Prizes are paid after tax deduction.

- The above schedule is subject to change due to the circumstances of the organizer.

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