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- The competition will be held online from June 20th, 2021 to June 26th, 2021

- For Junior categories we will use the point range system for their prizes

- The judges decision is final .



- In order to register, please use the application form on the "APPLICATION" page.

- Once you submit the application, we will send you a confirmation e-mail.

- A copy of the applicant's birth certificate or passport is required.

- The candidates of "Professional Pianists" should prepare their biography

- All the documents(biography and proof of age) should be sent to once you receive your confirmation e-mail.

- Candidates are allowed to change their program until June 7th, 2021.

- Application fee can be paid either on the "APPLICATION FEE" page or via PayPal.

- Application fee is non-refundable. (Early bird- $90 by June 7th, or $130 by deadline).

- A document which confirms the payment of the application fee is required.


- Junior 1: Born before June 15th, 2014

- Junior 2: Born between June 15th, 2014 ~ June 14th , 2011

- Junior 3: Born between June 15th, 2011 ~ June 14th, 2008

- Junior 4: Born between June 15th, 2008 ~ June 14th, 2005

- Professional Pianists: Born later than June 4th, 1991


Junior 1 to 4

Preliminary Round: A free choice

- Junior 1 : max. 3 mins

- Junior 2: max. 5 mins

- Junior 3 : max. 7 mins

- Junior 4 : max. 10 mins

Final Round: A free choice (Junior 1,2 can use the same video as their Preliminary Round)

- Junior 1 : max. 5 mins

- Junior 2: max. 7 mins

- Junior 3 : max. 10 mins

- Junior 4 : max. 15 mins

Professional Pianists  

- Preliminary Round : Max. 15 mins of free program

- Final Round : Max. 30 mins of free program

Both Rounds will be online



- All the works must be memorized and all the repeats indicated in the score are optional.

- The original edition is recommended but not required.

- Videos must be uploaded on YouTube as UNLISTED .

- The title of the video must be applicant's name and category.

- If your program is more than one piece, please make a playlist and send us a link for the playlist.

- No restrictions on which hall, what microphone you use, however we recommend HD video if possible. Also, no electric keyboard.

- The whole performance must be recorded using a grand piano.

- The contestant's face and hands must be clearly visible throughout the recording.

- Separate videos are acceptable.


- The result of finalists will be announced on June 22nd at 8pm (CDT).

- The result of winners will be announced on June 26th at 8pm (CDT).

- You can see the results here.


Category 1 & 2  

Grand Prize : $100 cash award and Diploma (each category)

Rachmaninoff International Competition (China) Pre-Qualification Waiver

1st, 2nd and 3rd: Diploma

Category 3 & 4

Grand Prize: $150 cash award and Diploma (each category)

Rachmaninoff International Competition (China) Pre-Qualification Waiver

1st, 2nd and 3rd: Diploma

Professional Pianists

1st Prize : $1,000 cash award ,

An opportunity to perform with Russia Bryansk Symphony Orchestra ,

Rachmaninoff International Piano Competition (China) Pre-Qualification Waiver

2nd and 3rd : Diploma &

Rachmaninoff International Competition (China) Pre-Qualification Waiver

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